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Crystal Scherer

Welcome! My name is Crystal Scherer. I am a Certified Health Coach and live outside of Austin, TX. I became a health coach because I have a strong desire to help families live long, happy, and fulfilled lives doing the things they love together!

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My name is Crystal Scherer. I am a Navy Veteran and have been married for almost 20 years with 2 teenage boys. I was a gym owner and trainer for 5 years and I loved being a trainer! I quickly realized though that I was only helping with part of the client’s struggle to get healthier. I have always been intrigued by nutrition and the power it holds, but like many of you, I have been lured in with fad diets throughout my life. It has always made sense to me though that food can either make us sick or heal us from within. As a health coach, I work with families to teach real-life skills, not just principles. I will show you how to get your whole family engaged in making healthier life choices from the food they eat, to exercising with play, to goal setting.

Going L.E.A.N. was one of the easiest transitions my family has ever made, and I am passionate about sharing these life-changing tools and information with you and your family.

It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.