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e-Coaching Course

Adults & Seniors “Prime Time-Health”


9 Topics of Discussion

Session 1: Introduction to Online Coaching, Pre- Assessment
Session 2: Make Your Own Medicine
Session 3: Pills & Skills Model of Health
Session 4: Make Health Your Hobby
Session 5: Graze on Good Food
Session 6: Move Waste from Your Waist
Session 7: Move More
Session 8: Live Without Pain & Inflammation
Session 9: Eat Real Food
Session 10: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

  • Each session includes visuals aid and printable worksheets, quizzes to check for understanding, challenge activities, meal planning/recipe GUIDE template, as well as final exam at completion of course.
  • Weekly 30 minutes virtual one-to-one session with health coach
  • Discussion Board for client-coach interaction for Q&A

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